Get Yourself Noticed

If you want to get your business noticed then advertisements on popular websites are a good option.

This site receives 5,000 visitors a month and more than 10,000 page hits. Our statistics are improving every month so your advert's exposure will only grow. Our readers are mainly from USA, Australia and the European Union plus a good sprinkling of Phang Nga residents.

Advertisements on Know Phang Nga are a cost effective way to get your service noticed and boost the page ranking of your own website.

Option 1 - Banners

There are more than 250 pages in our site and most of them have a right hand column of advertisement banners, like the one on this page, placed below the google adsense column. You can have a banner placed in this column on every one of these pages. The banner can link to your own website.

The banner can be up to 160 pixels wide and up to 250 pixels high. There will be an extra charge for larger banners. We can create a banner if you do not have one of your own.

The example below is 120 pixels square so you can see you can create a very effective message in a 160 * 250 space. Simple designs such as this example are often the most effective.

Rate 90 USD for 3 Months

Option 2 - Advertorials

Advertorials are adverts placed within the text of a page. They are a good way to get the attention of the reader as they must scan over the advert to read the page. They therefore tend to have a higher click rate than banners. You can choose pages that are relevant to your service to place your advertorial.

The advertorial may be up to 600 pixels wide and 160 pixels high. You may select 3 pages of your choice to place the advertorial.

Rate 75 USD for 3 Months on 3 Pages

Option 3 - Customised

We will be happy to discuss any other indvidual advertising requirements you may have and provide a customised solution.


Option 4- Link on our useful links page

We will give a link on our Useful Links page (no reciprocal link required) for 40 USD a year. Please note we will only give links to sites that we think are genuinely useful or interesting for visitors of Phuket.



How to Advertise

Please send us an e-mail to fully discusss your advertising requirements.


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