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Two Tier Pricing Know Phuket An overview of Thailand's twwo-tier pricing system.
07 Feb 2007 Alternative Visa Runs Know Phuket Some alternative visa runs from Phuket. Instead of the usual tedious trip to Ranong, here are some alternatives to turn the visa run into a more enjoyable trip.
" Ranong - The Standard Run " A re-cap of the standard visa run.
" Ranong - The Andaman Club " Visa run to the Andaman Club with stops at Khao Lak and Thai Muang Beach.
" Penang, Malaysia " Penang has a Thai consulate for visa applications.
" Dannok & Malaysia " Visa run to Dannok (near Hat Yai) with stops at Noppharat Beach, Hat Yai, Songkhla, Talay Noi & Railay Beach
" Wang Kelian, Malaysia " Visa run to Wang Kelian with stops at Than Bok Korani National Park, Samran Beach and Koh Lanta.
" Langkawi, Malaysia " Visa run to the Malaysian island Langkawi
" Betong, Malaysia " Deep in the south of Thailand. Not a good option at the moment with the current troubles but times may change.
" Singapore " Visa run & city break to Singapore

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