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Phang Nga has fabulous long stretches of beach all along its western coastline. On this page we will give a description of all the main beaches on the mainland. Note that you can find information on the beaches at the islands such as Koh Khao on our islands page.

Phang Nga's best beaches run from just south of Takua Pa all the way south to opposite Phuket. There are great long stretches that have hardly been developed at all and are totally pristine. In fact as recently as the 1980s it was possible to walk along the beach from Takua Pa to Khao Lak and not see a hotel.

So let's start with Bang Lut Beach just south of Takua Pa and then work our way south.

Bang Lut Beach

Let's start just south of Takua Pa Town on the western coast of Phang Nga. Bang Lut Beach is a beautiful and mostly deserted beach in a gently curving bay. This is the area that would be considered the northern most end of outer Khao Lak.

At the north end of the beach is the sleepy fishing village and boat pier at Naam Kem Village. This is also the location of the tsunami memorial. Baan Naam Kem was devastated by the tsunami and around 600 local people lost their lives.

The beach runs south from Baan Naam Kem for a 5km long sweeping stretch of powdery sand. It is fringed with palms and casuarina trees and is almost completely devoid of development. There is one holiday resort at the northern end of the beach. This is a place to escape from it all and take long walks along the deserted beach.

ThaiLife Homestay Resort (3 star)

Bang Sak Beach

The nextbeach south is Bang Sak Beach. It is a lovely long stretch of beach that runs around another one of Khao Lak's gently curving bays all the way to Le Meridian at the south.The beach has not been heavily developed.

As you come south from Takua Pa along route 4 there are several roads that will take you to the beach. There are just a handful of holiday resorts dotted along the beach but it really is very unspoilt.

The sand is soft and golden and during the dry season the turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea gently lap upon the beach. The beach is lined with casuarinas trees (a type of pine tree) which provide a nice sheltered area. In fact the beach is a popular spot for picnics or to enjoy the food ate one of the charming beachside Thai restaurants.

The surrounding area is quiet with just a few convenience stores and restaurants. There is very little nightlife. The people who choose to stay at the resorts on this beach do so for the tranquillity.

Haadson Resort (3 star)
Royal Bangsak Beach Resort (4 star)
Mai Khao Lak Beach Resort (5 star)
Le Meridian Khao Lak Resort (5 star)


Pak Wib Beach

South of Bank Sak Beach but in the same curving bay is Pak Wib Beach. It is a similar beautiful length of sand curving out to the tip of Cape Pakarang.

Again the beach is greatly undeveloped and unspoiled. The golden sand and overhanging palms and casuarinas trees make for a truly beautiful view.

The surrounding area is very quiet but nearby Pak Wib village provides a few convenience stores and amenities.

There are just a couple of big resorts at this beach.

Le Meridian Khao Lak Resort (5 star)
The Sarojin (5 star)
Kantary Beach Villas (4 star)


Pakarang Beach

The next beach south is Pakarang Beach. It is just around the other side of Pakarang Cape from Pak Wib Beach. Pakarang is the Thai word for coral and you do find some coral washed up on the beach. Just the same it is not really a great snorkelling beach. None of the beaches along the Phang Nga mainland are particularly good for snorkelling. You will need to take boats out to the offshore reefs and islands to find good snorkelling.

Pakarang is another very quiet beach. It has a sleepy fishing village feel and is a lovely spot for relaxing walks. The sand is slightly stony but still very pleasant.

A road runs between the beach and the few resorts that have set up shop here.

Beyond Resort Khao Lak (4 star)
Asparas Beach Resort (4 star)


Khuk Khak Beach

As we keep going south we now reach the main holiday beaches of Khao Lak. The next beach is Khuk Khak Beach. It is a lovely, long straight stretch of sand that slopes smoothly into the sea. Golden sand and overhanging casuarinas and palms make for an idyllic holiday setting. Behind the beach are a few small lagoons.

Although this is the first of the main Khao Lak holiday beaches it is still not particularly busy. There are holiday resorts dotted along it including the renowned JW Marriott. Still the pace here is slow and it never feels very busy.

The surrounding area includes Khuk Khak village where there are a few independent tourist restaurants and bars. There are also a few amenities such as a market and bus station. The general feel of the area is still very quiet but we are beginning to reach the area where they are set up to entertain tourists.

JW Marriott Khao Lak Resort (5 star)
Andamania Beach Resort (4 star)
Khao Lak Orchid Beach Resort (4 star)


Bang Niang Beach

Now we reach the main holiday beaches. The first is Bang Niang Beach. This is where the main density of holiday resorts starts. Almost the entire beachfront is developed with hotels. The surrounding area which included Bang Niang village is well set up to cater for tourists and there are shops, restaurants, bars and tour agents.

Before the tsunami struck in 2004, this was more of a backpacker area with simple beach bungalows and bamboo huts. Needless to say they were devastated by the tsunami. The recovery process has seen the area develop into a more upmarket niche with four and five star hotels and luxury residential homes.

This beach and the next two are the best in Phang Nga for swimming. The beaches slope nice and gently into the sea and when the tide is out there is a wide expanse of sand.

The Shambhala Khao Lak Resort (3 star)
Ayara Beach Villas (3 star)
Casa De La Flora Hotel (5 star)
Sudala Beach Resort (4 star)
Gerd and Noi Resort (2 star)
Mukdara Beach Villa (4 star)
Ramada Resort Khao Lak (4 star)


Nang Thong Beach

This is the absolute centre of the Khao Lak tourist area. The entire beach is lined with holiday resorts. The surrounding area which includes La On village has the biggest selection of shops, restaurants and bars. Khao Lak is never a raving party and nightlife place but this area is as lively as it gets.

The beach is ideal for swimming or just lounging around. Most of the holiday resorts provide a few sun loungers for their guests in the shade of the trees or you can just stretch out on the beach. Phang Nga has always done a good job of protecting their beaches and you do not get lines of sun loungers in the same was as you do in Phuket. You also do not get jet-skis and banana boats zipping across the sea and disturbing the tranquillity.

There are plenty of resorts to choose from.

Ocean Breeze Resort (3 star)
Khaolak Bhandari Resort (4 star)
Khao Lak Seaview Resort (4 star)
Khaolak Countryside Resort (3 star)
Suwan Palm Resort (4 star)


Sunset Beach

This is the last of the main holiday beaches in Khao Lak. The entire length of beach has holiday resorts. In fact sadly they have managed to cover the entire area around the beach so you can only access it through one of the resorts.

It is a lovely beach with golden sands and fringed with glorious verdant casuarinas trees. During the dry season the waters are clear and it is one of the few beaches where there is some decent snorkelling around the rocks.

It is a 15-minute walk to La On village and its selection of restaurants and bars.

Khaolak Bay Front Hotel (3 star)
Khao Lak Palm Beach Resort (3 star)
Khaolak Sunset Resort (3 star)


Khao Lak Beach

f we keep going south we come to a large headland. The road rises steeply over a hill that includes the HQ of Khao Lak Lamru National Park. Keep going over the other side of this hill and you come to the area that was the original Khao Lak Beach. This was the place where the first holiday resorts were built.

Khao Lak Beach is more accurately a stretch of three separate beaches. First there is Khao Lak Beach, then Secluded Beach and then Poseidon Beach. The area takes its name from Khao Lak hill (khao is the Thai word for hill) and there is a small village called Baan Khao Lak.

The first resorts were built here but it soon became apparent that the main tourism area would be over the hill where there was much more space to develop. There are still a few holiday resorts on this side of the hill on Khao Lak Beach.

It is a beautiful and very tranquil area. You can really get away from it all but the more lively area of Khao Lak is still jjust a 5-minute drive over the hill.

Khaolak Merlin Resort (4 star)
Luckanawadee Boutique Resort (3 star)
The Sands Khao Lak (5 star)


Thai Mueang Beach

If we keep going south we pass Tablamu Naval Base and there is a large river mouth. South of this is the start of Thai Mueang Beach although you can only access it by carrying on a further 14km until you reach Thai Mueang Town.

Thai Mueang Beach is a visually stunning stretch of sand. It is 14km of straight beach with crystal sands. The entire beach is part of the Khao Lampi - Hat Thai Mueang National Park. The area is well protected so there are no hotels on the beach but there are a few budget guesthouses in Thai Mueang Town.

The beach is regularly used by turtles to lay their eggs. If you come on full moon nights between November to February you can join the 'turtle walks' and you may be fortunate enough to see turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs.

The beach actually slopes into the sea much too steeply to be an ideal swimming beach and in fact during the rainy season there are some very dangerous currents. During the dry season it is safe for a swim as long as you are a competent swimmer.

The area behind the beach is forest and mangroves. Behind the mangroves a river runs along a long length of the beach.

Natai Beach

Natai Beach is really a continuation of Thai Mueang Beach but it is not national park. There is no significant break in this stunning stretch of sand, apart from the odd small river outlet. The beach stretches almost 20km south until it comes round opposite Phuket.

The character of this beach is much the same as Thai Mueang. It is straight, has crystal sands and slopes steeply into the sea. It is dangerous to swim during the rainy season. It is safe enough to swim during the dry season but not really an ideal swimming beach. That is probably the main reason why only a handful of resorts are dotted along the beach.

There are vast stretches of totally undeveloped and unspoilt beachfront and sometimes you can walk for kilometres without seeing a soul. The surrounding area is very quiet with hardly a shop or restaurant to be found. The resorts on this beach are isolated and really are for those who want to be away from everything.

The Hotspring Beach Resort & Spa (4 star)
Maikhao Dream Resort & Spa (5 star)
Ranyatavi Resort (4 star)
Aleenta Resort (5 star)


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